Parthenon/Elgin Marbles Debate

… seems to be about to heat up again. From Greek Reporter:

Deputy Minister of Culture Kostas Tzavaras is setting up a special committee to push for return of the marbles stolen from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin, a British diplomat, more than 200 years and now housed in in the British Museum which has refused to return them.

The committee consists of Christofors Argyropoulos, the President of the Melina Mercouri Foundation, the Director-General of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture and a diplomat that represents the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The committee objects to make the state claim this national goal on a constant basis. We are now in position to overcome all of Britain’s objections to return the sculptures in their natural place from where they have been detached, because the argument that there is no space to put them does not exist anymore after the foundation and function of the Acropolis Museum,” Tzavaras said.

“We remain fixed in our position to claim a national goal that is introduced for the first time since the late Melina Mercouri as Minister of Culture of Greece in 1982 and we shape once again the request against the bothersome detachment of the monument’s parts under the argument that now the museum exists and after the placement of the sculptures back to their positions, the visitors will have the opportunity to see this as the original artworks ensemble,” Tzavaras added.

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