Canadian Institute in Greece Lectures | Catherine Parnell, Barbarian Cleavers or Greek Swords?

I just came across the Canadian Institute in Greece’s Youtube Channel and they have a number of interesting slide lectures (broken up into segments) which should be of interest. Here’s the blurb from the first one, which was presented back in March:

Catherine Parnell, B.A., M.A.
(Ph.D. candidate, School of Archaeology, University College Dublin)
“Barbarian Cleavers or Greek Swords? Portrayals and Perceptions of Curved Swords in Ancient Greece”
This lecture is concerned with ancient Greek curved blades commonly known as ‘kopis’ or ‘machaira’. It presents the results of surveys of the iconographic and literary evidence, and examines the portrayal of the various types of curved blades, as well as the differing perceptions of this morphological shape

And here’s the talk:

… I’ll post the next few over the next couple of days.

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