Dieci Anni Fa … rogueclassicism is born!

Wow … a decade of posting all about the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome sure passed quickly. If you’d like to see our ‘official’ launch posts from a year ago, ecce! While the Classical blogosphere has changed much over the past ten years, we’ve stuck to the original plan, more or less, although my AWOTV listings have gone the way of the dodo because assorted television stations seem to think ‘history’ has something to do with pawnshops and or the television equivalent of circus sideshows (I’m experimenting with a twitter hashtag #AWOTV which points to things on Youtube of interest). The idea of an ‘inscription of the day’ and ‘epistula’ of the day never really took hold but still appeal to me — they take much more time than anticipated however. Outside of that, however, we (along with the other blogs in the Classical blogosphere) seem to be filling a much needed niche with our ramblings and frequent run-on sentences; between the two versions of the site, we’ve served up well over two million page views of Classical (and other) goodness and as always, I’d like to thank all my readers for their continued support and attention! Gratias vobis ago!!

And, of course, if we’re marking our own blogiversary, we’re also congratulating Mark Goodacre, whose NT Blog also had its incipience a decade ago today!


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