Hodie Papa Francesco Titiavit

I’ve long wanted to do a post analyzing the Pope’s Latin style, but I think I need to start collecting exempla first, so this is the first in what will probably be a regular series … I’m trying to display them in a ‘compact’ manner:


Ut sinant Deum clementia et mansuetudine in se uti omnes hortatur Ecclesia.

glossed by @Pontifex:

The Church invites everyone to be embraced by the Father’s tenderness and forgiveness.

… after we get a few in the ‘corpus’, we’ll begin commenting … feel free to begin commenting yourselves …

2 thoughts on “Hodie Papa Francesco Titiavit

  1. The problem is that there are about seven guys on the Pope’s personal Latin team, and they don’t all agree about matters of style. Pay attention, and you’ll start to recognize different fingerprints on the tweets. There are at least two of them who annoy me to no end for their obscurantist tendencies.

    1. i distinguished two a while back … only one does readable, easily understandable ciceronian/ecclesiastical latin

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