CFP: 15th Unisa Classics Colloquium

Seen on the Classicists list:

15th Unisa Classics Colloquium, 22-24 October 2014

THEME: ‘Intellectual and Empire’

Classicists are hereby reminded to submit paper proposals for this year’s
colloquium. The conference is intended to explore the relationship between
public intellectuals and manifestations of imperial power, whether in the
form of rejection, acceptance or approval. The conference’s main focus
will be on the first three centuries of the Roman Empire, but other eras
and empires of Greco-Roman antiquity, e.g., Athenian, Macedonian or
ancient Near Eastern, will also be considered. ‘Intellectuals’ are broadly
conceived as individuals making public their intellectual endeavours
through literature, scholarship, religion, philosophy, rhetoric,
performance, and the like. We look forward to receiving proposals
exploring the tension (or not) between intellect and power, particularly
as manifested by individual authors or figures.

Invited speakers: Heinz-Günther Nesselrath (Göttingen); Ewen Bowie
(Oxford); Tim Whitmarsh (Oxford/Cambridge).

Please submit titles and abstracts of approximately 300 words to Philip
Bosman at bosmapr AT, as soon as possible. All proposals are
carefully considered, but bear in mind that slots are limited. Final
deadline for submissions: 30 April.

The Unisa Classics Colloquium is hosted annually by the Department of
Classics and World Languages at the University of South Africa, Pretoria.

More on the conference
Convening in 2014 for the 15th time, the Unisa Classics Colloquium
combines stimulating scholarship with a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.
Over two and a half days, approximately 20 scholarly contributions from
around the world are to be presented. The 40 minute slots provide ample
time for discussion and valuable feedback. Parallel sessions are avoided
in order to promote unity of focus in the conference, and delegates get to
know each other properly. Information on previous conferences may be found

Venue: To be announced. We are currently exploring the possibility of
moving the conference to a Bushveld game reserve
( on the outskirts of Pretoria.

Dates: 22-24 October 2014
Since transport to and from the conference venue might pose difficulties,
participants should ideally arrive at OR Tambo Airport and in Pretoria on
the morning of the 21st and only book a flight out from the evening of the
24th but preferably later.

A preliminary programme will be compiled from the received proposals and
published on the Departmental website after the final date for

Conference Fee
We are negotiating a conference package of approximately US$350, inclusive
of accommodation, transport and conference fee. Postgraduates, other
students and interested parties not able to claim back conference fees
from their institutions should please contact the organizers for a

Publication of papers
Depending on quality, a collection of articles on the colloquium theme is
envisaged. Submitted papers are subject to a refereeing process. If you
would consider submitting your paper for publication, please indicate that
to us via return mail for further guidelines on style.

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