Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews ~ 08/16/15

[catching up …. again}

  • 2014.08.25:  William Allan, Classical Literature: A Very Short Introduction. Very short introductions.
    2014.08.24:  Averil Cameron, Dialoguing in Late Antiquity. Hellenic studies, 65.
  • 2014.08.23:  Denise Demetriou, Negotiating Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean: The Archaic and Classical Greek Multiethnic Emporia.
  • 2014.08.22:  Dimitri Kasprzyk, Christophe Vendries, Spectacles et désordre à Alexandrie: Dion de Pruse, Discours aux Alexandrins. Histoire. Série Histoire ancienne.
  • 2014.08.21:  Emanuele Lelli, Quinto di Smirne. Il seguito dell’Iliade di Omero. Testo greco a fronte. Il pensiero occidentale. bmcr2
  • 2014.08.20:  Hélène Fragaki, Un édifice inachevé du quartier royal à Alexandrie. Etudes Alexandrines, 31.
    2014.08.19:  David Stacey, Gregory Doudna, Qumran Revisited: A Reassessment of the Archaeology of the Site and its Texts. BAR international series, 2520.
    2014.08.18:  Fernando Lozano Gómez, Un Dios entre los hombres: la adoración a los emperadores romanos en Grecia. Col·lecció Instrumenta, 37.
  • 2014.08.17:  Evan Hayes, Stephen Nimis, Galen: Three Treatises: ‘On My Own Books’, ‘On the Order of My Own Books’, and ‘That the Best Physician is Also a Philosopher’. An Intermediate Greek Reader.
  • 2014.08.16:  Stefan Feuser, Monopodia: figürliche Tischfüße aus Kleinasien. Ein Beitrag zum Ausstattungsluxus der römischen Kaiserzeit. Byzas, 17​.
  • 2014.08.15:  Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos, Ancient Greek Women in Film. Classical Presences.
  • 2014.08.14:  Timothy Michael Law, When God Spoke Greek: The Septuagint and the Making of the Christian Bible.
    2014.08.13:  Johannes de Vries, Martin Karrer, Textual History and the Reception of Scripture in Early Christianity / Textgeschichte und Schriftrezeption im frühen Christentum. Society of Biblical Literature. Septuagint and cognate studies, 60​.
  • 2014.08.12:  Mario Labate, Gianpiero Rosati, La costruzione del mito augusteo. Bibliothek der klassischen Altertumswissenschaften, Band 141.
    2014.08.11:  C. D. Gordon, The Age of Attila: Fifth-Century Byzantium and the Barbarians. Revised edition, with a new introduction and notes by David S. Potter.
    2014.08.10:  Peter Fibiger Bang, Dariusz Kołodziejczyk, Universal Empire: A Comparative Approach to Imperial Culture and Representation in Eurasian History.
    2014.08.09:  David Leeming, Medusa: In the Mirror of Time.
    2014.08.08:  Aaron M. Seider, Memory in Vergil’s Aeneid: Creating the Past.
    2014.08.07:  Jennifer M. Webb, David Frankel, Ambelikou Aletri. Metallurgy and Pottery Production in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus. Studies in Mediterranean archaeology, 138.
    2014.08.06:  John Godwin, Ovid: Metamorphoses III, An Extract: 511-733. Bloomsbury Latin texts. London; 2014.07.16:  Ken Dark, Ferudun Özgümüş​, Constantinople: Archaeology of a Byzantine Megapolis. Final Report on the Istanbul Rescue Archaeology Project 1998-2004.
    2014.07.17:  Gregory Nagy, The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours.
    2014.07.18:  Carl Nylander, Börje Blomé, Lars Karlsson, Angela Bizzarro, Giuseppe Tilia, Stefano Tilia and Alessandro Tilia, San Giovenale, vol. 5, fasc. 1: The Borgo. Excavating an Etruscan Quarter: Architecture and Stratigraphy. Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Institutet i Rom, 4, 26:5,1.
    2014.07.19:  Claus Ambos, Lorenzo Verderame, Approaching Rituals in Ancient Cultures. Questioni di rito: rituali come fonte di conoscenza delle religione e delle concezioni del mondo nelle culture antiche. Proceedings of the conference, November 28-30, 2011, Roma. Rivista degli Studi Orientali, nuova serie, 86, supplemento no 2.
    2014.07.20:  Riccardo Massarelli, I testi etruschi su piombo. Biblioteca di studi etruschi, 53.
    2014.07.21:  Jürgen​ Leonhardt, Latin: Story of a World Language (First published 2009; translated by Kenneth Kronenberg).
    2014.07.22:  Timothy J. Moore, Wolfgang Polleichtner, Form und Bedeutung im lateinischen Drama/ Form and Meaning in Latin Drama. Bochumer Altertumswissenschaftliches Colloquium, Band 95.
    2014.07.23:  Jeffrey C. Anderson, The Christian Topography of Kosmas Indikopleustes: Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, plut. 9.28. The Map of the Universe Redrawn in the Sixth Century. Folia picta: manoscritti miniati medievali, 3.
    2014.07.24:  Michel Sève, Patrick Weber, Guide du forum de Philippes. Sites et monuments, 18.
    2014.07.25:  Paul Cartledge, After Thermopylae: The Oath of Plataea and the End of the Graeco-Persian Wars. Emblems of Antiquity. 2014.07.26:  Danielle L. Kellogg, Marathon Fighters and Men of Maple: Ancient Acharnai.
    2014.07.27:  Andreas Heil, Die dramatische Zeit in Senecas Tragödien. Mnemosyne supplements. Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 357.
    2014.07.28:  Janet Burnett Grossman, Funerary Sculpture. The Athenian Agora, 35.
    2014.07.29:  Paul G. P. Meyboom, Eric M. Moormann, Le decorazioni dipinte e marmoree della domus aurea di Nerone a Roma (2 vols.). Babesch supplements, 20.
    2014.07.30:  Vanda Zajko, Ellen O’Gorman, Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis: Ancient and Modern Stories of the Self. Classical presences. 2014.07.31:  Lloyd P. Gerson, From Plato to Platonism. 2014.07.32:  Barbara M. Levick, Faustina I and II: Imperial Women of the Golden Age. Women in antiquity.
    2014.07.33:  Thomas Kjeller Johansen, The Powers of Aristotle’s Soul. Oxford Aristotle studies.
    2014.07.34:  Christian Orth, Alkaios–Apollophanes: Einleitung, Übersetzung, Kommentar. Fragmenta Comica, Bd 9.1.
    2014.07.35:  Francesco Fronterotta, Eraclito: Frammenti.
    2014.07.36:  Carol C. Mattusch, Rediscovering the Ancient World on the Bay of Naples, 1710-1890. Studies in the history of art, 79.
    2014.07.37:  Gideon Nisbet, Greek Epigram in Reception: J. A. Symonds, Oscar Wilde, and the Invention of Desire, 1805-1929.
    2014.07.38:  Wilfred E. Major, The Court of Comedy: Aristophanes, Rhetoric, and Democracy in Fifth-Century Athens.
    2014.07.39:  Olga Chernyakhovskaya, Sokrates bei Xenophon: Moral – Politik – Religion. Classica Monacensia, Bd 49.
    2014.07.40:  Richard F. Thomas, Jan M. Ziolkowski, The Virgil Encyclopedia (3 vols.).
    2014.07.41:  Raffaella Cribiore, Libanius the Sophist: Rhetoric, Reality, and Religion in the Fourth Century. Townsend lectures/Cornell studies in classical philology.
    2014.07.42:  Christopher P. Jones, Between Pagan and Christian.
    2014.07.43:  J. C. Rolfe, John T. Ramsey, Sallust, I: The War with Catiline; The War with Jugurtha (edited and revised; first published 1921). Loeb classical library, 116.
    2014.07.44:  Alberto Bernabé, Miguel Herrero de Jáuregui, Ana Isabel Jiménez San Cristóbal, Raquel Martín Hernández, Redefining Dionysos. MythosEikonPoiesis, Bd 5.
    2014.07.45:  Elizabeth Marlowe, Shaky Ground: Context, Connoisseurship and the History of Roman Art. Debates in archaeology.
    2014.07.46:  Jordi Pàmias i Massana, Arnaud Zucker, Ératosthène de Cyrène. Catastérismes. Collection des universités de France. Série grecque, 497.


  • 2014.07.47:  Joshua Billings, Felix Budelmann, Fiona Macintosh, Choruses, Ancient and Modern.
    2014.07.48:  Noémie Villacèque, Spectateurs de paroles! Délibération démocratique et théâtre à Athènes à l’époque classique. Histoire. Série Histoire ancienne.
    2014.07.49:  Glenn W. Most, Alice D. Schreyer, Homer in Print: A Catalogue of the Bibliotheca Homerica Langiana at the University of Chicago Library.
    2014.07.50:  Michael Silk, Ingo Gildenhard, Rosemary Barrow, The Classical Tradition: Art, Literature, Thought.
    2014.07.51:  Cyprian Broodbank, The Making of the Middle Sea: A History of the Mediterranean from the Beginning to the Emergence of the Classical World.
    2014.07.52:  Ingrid D. Rowland, From Pompeii: The Afterlife of a Roman Town.
  • 2014.07.53:  Joseph Geiger, Hellenism in the East: Studies on Greek Intellectuals in Palestine. Historia Einzelschriften 229.
  • 2014.08.02:  Angelika Schöne-Denkinger, Attisch rotfigurige und schwarzgefirnisste Peliken, Loutrophoren und Lebetes Gamikoi. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Deutschland, Bd. 95. Berlin, Antikensammlung ehemals Antiquarium, Bd 15.
    2014.08.03:  Alison E. Cooley, M. G. L. Cooley, Pompeii and Herculaneum: A Sourcebook. Second edition (first published 2004). Routledge sourcebooks for the ancient world.
    2014.08.04:  Alexander Kirichenko, Lehrreiche Trugbilder: Senecas Tragödien und die Rhetorik des Sehens. Bibliothek der klassischen Altertumswissenschaften; 142.
    2014.08.05:  Jane Alison, Change Me: Stories of Sexual Transformation from Ovid.



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