Oeconomicus | (Subtle) Changes at rogueclassicism

Just so folks are aware, after a year or so trying to find an efficient way to deal with the ever-growing content in the Classical blogosphere (which I curate … I don’t just send everything out), I’ve finally figured out that such posts are best sent straight to Twitter. So if you have hitherto come to the blog for such things, please follow us on Twitter as @rogueclassicist . It will also eliminate a click or two when you do see a link from the blogosphere that you’d like to pursue (no, I’m not in this for personal click gain).

Similarly, whenever a conference or call for papers does have a link to a webpage of some sort (which all really should have at this point in classical internet evolution), I’ll also use twitter as a means to spread the word. Those without, I’ll still post to rogueclassicism, but I cannot guarantee their timeliness.

Assorted news articles of minor interest (to me) will also continue to be appropriately hashtagged and posted to twitter along with drama reviews (#ancientdrama), movie items (#swordandsandal), book reviews in the popular press (#classicalbook), latin and greek news (#nuntiilatini, #nuntiigraeci)  and youtube videos which are likely of short shelf life (#awotv).

The whole reason for all this is to prevent the classical blogosphere (etc.) backlog which I always seem to be struggling with which gets in the way, timewise,  of more meaty news posts and commentary. I’ll still include This Day in Ancient History, BMCR and CJ reviews, online video lectures and interviews, etc..

In other words, we’re returning rogueclassicism to its roots while acknowledging the utility of Twitter for dissemination of the work of others in the Classical blogosphere and assorted ‘ephemera’, for want of a better term.

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