AFTER THE NEW TESTAMENT: A Reader in Early Christianity 100-300 CE

Classics for All Reviews

By Bart D. Ehrman

OUP (2nd edn. 2015) p/b £35.09 572pp (ISBN 9780195398922)

This book provides an excellent introduction to the general reader wishing to understand the development of early Christianity between the years AD 100—300, the years in which it was working out doctrines, liturgical practices and the boundaries of its canon of sacred texts in a pagan world, before the accession of Constantine and the subsequent Christianisation of the whole Roman empire in the fourth century. Written in a lucid style, uncluttered by footnotes (other than acknowledgements of translations/biblical references) and with clear explanation of all technical terms, the book’s strength is undoubtedly its focus on a) the diversity and variety within early Christianity (or should we speak of Christianities?), b) changes and developments over time within this period, and c) the doctrinal debates which raged within the first few centuries of Christian history, none of which…

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