Classics for All Reviews

Edited by P.J. Finglass and Adrian Kelly

CUP (2015) h/b 211pp £69.99 (ISBN 9781107645660)

It has been a good half century or so for Stesichorus: Helen, famously so infuriated by his badmouthing that she blinded him until he retracted everything in his Palinode, has evidently been in a good mood. The 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s saw a number of important papyrus finds, in most cases in time for Denys Page to give them a healthy going-over for inclusion in Poetae Melici Graeci. That allowed us to see, for instance, the sensitivity with which Stesichorus told of Geryon confronted by Heracles, humanising the monster and evoking genuine sympathy. The 2010s are now proving a good decade as well, with a new edition in 2014 by Finglass and Davies (intr. and text by Finglass, contributions by Davies to the comm.) and now this fine collection, springing from an Oxford…

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