Repititiationes ~ 02/15/16

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ICYMI ~ The Classical World in the News: February 1-February 14, 2016

Excerpted from my Explorator Newsletter:

Evidence of silver mining near the Mycenean acropolis at Thorikos, some 5000 years b.p.:

Tracing the source of marble preserved underwater at Baia:

Very interesting Roman fresco found in London:

Remains of a major temple with a huge arcade at Colchester:

Roman road found during Hadrian Wall car park construction:

A Roman canal system near the Dead Sea:

A Roman brooch with an interesting palindrome:

In case you missed the ‘ancient Greek laptop’ silliness:

Feature on finds from Tuva (these seem to be Scythian):

… while the ‘Ice Princess’ reburial didn’t work out:

Feature on the restored pyramid of Cestius:

Isotope analysis on a pile of 2000 years b.p. burials from Rome suggest there was a large immigrant population:

… related:

Studying the ‘life cycle’ of Roman pottery:

Plans to restore an important Temple of Augustus in Turkey:

Very interesting frescoes emerging from a church find in Cappadocia:

Some ancient school lessons:

Some Cheshire Roman hoards are on display:

I think we mentioned this new mosaic:

Nice feature on the Lazarus project:

Concerns for Amphipolis:–amphipolis

Conservation costs at Rome:

A Kyrenia ship update:

… and a Mazotos shipwreck update:

LiDAR locates some ‘lost’ Roman roads in the UK:

On the Greeks and MLK Jr:

Plato is still high on college reading lists:

A tenure dispute of interest:

On Alexander the Great’s feeling about beards:

Pondering Homer:

The annual Super Bowl and Roman numeral opEds:

Something about the Zeugma mosaics:

On Roman ‘half time’ shows:

What Nevzat Cevik is up to:

What David Mulroy is up to:

More pondering of what ‘Classic’ should be/is:

More on York ‘gladiator’ DNA and related things:

More on Minoan shipwrecks:

Review of Whitmarsh, *Battling the Gods*:

Review of Beard, *SPQR*:


The complete issue is available at: Explorator 18.41-42 ~ February 14, 2016 |

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