Repititiationes ~ 02/15/16

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ICYMI ~ The Classical World in the News: February 1-February 14, 2016

Excerpted from my Explorator Newsletter:

Evidence of silver mining near the Mycenean acropolis at Thorikos, some 5000 years b.p.:

Tracing the source of marble preserved underwater at Baia:

Very interesting Roman fresco found in London:

Rare Roman Wall Painting Discovered on London Construction Site

Remains of a major temple with a huge arcade at Colchester:

Roman road found during Hadrian Wall car park construction:

A Roman canal system near the Dead Sea:

Roman-Era Canal System Unearthed Near Dead Sea

A Roman brooch with an interesting palindrome:

In case you missed the ‘ancient Greek laptop’ silliness:

Feature on finds from Tuva (these seem to be Scythian):

… while the ‘Ice Princess’ reburial didn’t work out:

Feature on the restored pyramid of Cestius:

Isotope analysis on a pile of 2000 years b.p. burials from Rome suggest there was a large immigrant population:

… related:

Studying the ‘life cycle’ of Roman pottery:

Plans to restore an important Temple of Augustus in Turkey:

Very interesting frescoes emerging from a church find in Cappadocia:

Some ancient school lessons:

Some Cheshire Roman hoards are on display:

I think we mentioned this new mosaic:

‘This is the best of the Roman tradition’: A new mosaic unveiled in Israel

Nice feature on the Lazarus project:

Concerns for Amphipolis:–amphipolis

Conservation costs at Rome:

A Kyrenia ship update:

Project being launched to protect Kyrenia shipwreck

… and a Mazotos shipwreck update:

LiDAR locates some ‘lost’ Roman roads in the UK:

On the Greeks and MLK Jr:

How the ancient Greeks contributed to Martin Luther King Jr.’s fight against racism

‘Martin Luther King Jr. in dialogue with the ancient Greeks’

Plato is still high on college reading lists:

A tenure dispute of interest:

On Alexander the Great’s feeling about beards:

Pondering Homer:

The annual Super Bowl and Roman numeral opEds:

Something about the Zeugma mosaics:

On Roman ‘half time’ shows:

What Nevzat Cevik is up to:

What David Mulroy is up to:

More pondering of what ‘Classic’ should be/is:

More on York ‘gladiator’ DNA and related things:

Ancient Gladiators in Britain? 3D Technology Sheds Light on Legendary Fighters

More on Minoan shipwrecks:

Review of Whitmarsh, *Battling the Gods*:

Review of Beard, *SPQR*:


The complete issue is available at: Explorator 18.41-42 ~ February 14, 2016 |

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