#CICYMI: Classical Newswire ~ Week of July 23-29

[I’m hoping this will be a regular Friday or Saturday thing]

As of this morning, we’re just starting to get news in the Italian press of the find of the sunken bits of Neapolis, off the coast of Tunisia:

Also from the Italian press, a Roman amphora find off Rimini:

The Italian press is also taking the lead on a very important inscription/tomb find in Pompeii:

… while the English coverage is just starting to appear:

… and Mary Beard’s blogpost in the TLS is useful

A followup to that Roman naval diploma find:

Some followups to the earthquake that hit Kos last week:

Followup to a farmer’s discovery of a Roman mosaic a few weeks ago:

A mosaic find from Perge:

Interesting well find from Parion/Parium:

A Roman-era necropolis from Usak:

Review of an interesting production of the Eumenides:

“House of Names” tries to “out-Euripides Euripides”:

Latest on malaria in the Roman world:

… related press coverage:

On Etruscans and bees:

Feature on Kalkriese:

On some ancient ‘fake news’:

This one includes an audio interview with Tom Nealon on garum:

A feature on the ‘Secret Cabinet’:

Feature on the Nashville Parthenon:

Feature on the ballista (Game of Thrones tie-in):

Forbes columnists:

Peter Jones’ latest in the Spectator:

This week’s comparisons of current events to the ancient world:

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