#podcastitas ~ QDP Ep 93: Bostoniae cum Serena Shirley — Quomodo Dicitur? Podcast


Iustus Bostoniae cum Serena (Skye) Shirley comoedias Romanas, artem linguas discendi, necnon alia quaedam argumenta tractat. Quarum aliarum rerum (praeter linguam Latinam) studiosus/a es? Certiores nos facias aut hac in pagina (infra) aut apud Prosopobiblion (“Facebook“) aut pipiando (“tweeting”) […]

#podcastitas ~ How to Survive a Siege, Part 1: Street Cleaners of Carthage — Ancient History Fangirl


How would you survive an ancient siege? We take a close look at the brutal siege of Carthage at the end of the Punic Wars–and give you a few tips and hacks for staying alive when the enemy has breached the gates.

#podcastitas ~ Episode 21: Rome’s Legacy and the Barbarian Kingdoms — The Fall of Rome Podcast


As central government disappeared from what had been the Western Roman Empire, the barbarian kingdoms stepped into the void, creating new forms of rulership and institutions that would lay the groundwork for the fragmented, fractured medieval world.