#Thelxiope ~ Classics in Landscape Mode for October 24, 2020

Hodie est a.d. IX Kal. Nov. 2772 AUC ~ 7 Pyanepsion in the fourth year of the 699th Olympiad

This week’s video-based gleanings; page might take a while to load:

Robinson College

Classical Association Northern Ireland

A Taste of the Ancient World

Herodotus Helpline

Satura Lanx

Study of Antiquity and the Middle Ages

David Amster

History Marche

Ancient History Guy

Christian Lehmann

Olympia Kyklos

Archaeology Now

Paideia Media

Peopling the Past

Center for Hellenic Studies

University of Iowa Classics


Classics in Color

Natalie Haynes

Extra Credits

Athena Productions

Wessex Archaeology

Classical Wisdom

Digital Hammurabi


D Midgley


CAARI Cyprus

Walter M. Roberts III

Great Military Battles

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