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Hodie est a.d. IV Non. Dec 2775 AUC ~ 9 Poseideion in the second year of the 700th Olympiad

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In this episode of TCP Does Ancient History A Level, Professor Judith Mossman talks to James about the life and works of the biographer and historian Plutarch.

Murray got this question from Jonathan via email ‘I read about Caesar bridging of the Rhine, is that how armies bridged rivers after him, following his example, what about before him?’

Athens and Sparta were now in a position to turn their attention to matters within their own spheres of influence, with the truce that existed between them. Sparta would look at eliminating the threats that they had faced on the Peloponnese, seeing Argos now at peace with Sparta, and Tegea brought back into the Peloponnesian league. While negotiations would appear to be taking place with other cities on the Corinthian isthmus…

Liv reads part 1 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book IV, translated by Brookes More. The daughters of Minyas tell stories, including that of Pyramus and Thisbe. Help keep LTAMB going by subscribing to Liv’s Patreon for bonus content! This is not a standard narrative story episode, it’s a reading of an ancient source, audiobook style. For regular episodes look for any that don’t have “Liv Reads…” in the title!

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‘Sorting’ Out Your Day:

Today on the Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar:

If it thunders today, it portends an abundance of fish and fruit.

… adapted from the text and translation of:

Jean MacIntosh Turfa, The Etruscan Brontoscopic Calendar, in Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Erika Simon (eds.), The Religion of the Etruscans. University of Texas Press, 2006. (Kindle edition)


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