#podcastitas ~ Episode 21: Rome’s Legacy and the Barbarian Kingdoms — The Fall of Rome Podcast


As central government disappeared from what had been the Western Roman Empire, the barbarian kingdoms stepped into the void, creating new forms of rulership and institutions that would lay the groundwork for the fragmented, fractured medieval world.


#podcastitas ~ Ep. 034 – Marathon and Persian Naval Power — Maritime History Podcast



A substantial portion of the Persian fleet was wrecked in a storm in 492 BCE, but after Darius ordered it to be rebuilt, they set sail for Greece in the summer of 490. […]

#podcastitas ~ Episode B53 – Memento Mori — The Ancient World

…]Synopsis: Aurelian returns East to crush Palmyrene revolts in Syria and Egypt. The sources relate differing accounts of Zenobia’s ultimate fate. “To the tumultuous throng which crowded under these porticoes the solitude of death has succeeded. […]

#podcastitas ~ Episode 1.4 – Cooperation & Conflict — Historyteller

By the middle of the eighth century BC, the Tyrians were all over the Mediterranean. Under Hiram I, they had begun developing an extensive trading network that connected various Mediterranean regions. They traded in precious metals like gold, silver, tin, and […]

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