#podcastitas ~ Episode 1.4 – Cooperation & Conflict — Historyteller

By the middle of the eighth century BC, the Tyrians were all over the Mediterranean. Under Hiram I, they had begun developing an extensive trading network that connected various Mediterranean regions. They traded in precious metals like gold, silver, tin, and […]

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#podcastitas ~ 071 – Love, Sex, and Prostitution — The History of Ancient Greece Podcast

In this episode, we discuss Greek love and sexuality by examining the formal social institution known as pederasty; the various philosophical theories of love as described by Plato (through various speakers) in his treatise, the Symposium; the various methods in which Athenian males (and non-citizen women) were able to have sex; the depiction of nudity…

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#classicalpodcast ~ Episode 27: A Bard and a Horse — MythTake

We’re back with a full-length episode! For episode 27, we crack open our shiny new copy of Emily Wilson’s translation of Odyssey! After a chat about the challenges of accessing myths through translation, we take a look at a small episode that makes up a big part of the Trojan War myth. […]

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Podcast: Quomodo Dicitur

Augustus et Iason carmina amicae Gemmae nomine ab ipsa recitata audiunt eaque disserunt. Solesne carmina vel alia opera Latine scribere? Certiores nos facias aut hac in pagina (infra) aut apud Prosopobiblion (“ 34 more words

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