#podcastitas ~ 2: Greg Woolf — Coffee and Circuses

Greg Woolf chats about how he got into studying the ancient world, getting out of the ancient history bubble to talk to people in other disciplines, whether scholarship is a product of its time, diversifying the study of ancient history, and what events the Institute of Classical Studies has got coming up. 71 more words


#podcastitas ~ 1: Ellen Swift — Coffee and Circuses

Ellen Swift talks about what got her into the Romans, what she originally went to university to study before switching to archaeology, and what effect her hobbies have on her research (or the other way around). 90 more words


#podcastitas ~ Locusta the Poisoner: Rome’s Deadliest Assassin — Ancient History Fangirl


Ancient Rome was full of rich, ambitious social climbers in a cutthroat political environment—people who had enemies to get rid of, and deep pockets to pay for the service. 53 more words

#podcastitas ~ Weaving Women’s Stories — Classics Confidential

This episode of Classics Confidential is linked to Weaving Women’s Stories – a series of events organised by Dr Emma Bridges and Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts, as part of the 2018 Being Human Festival. It features, in order of appearance: Emma Bridges (Institute of Classical Studies) on Homer, Penelope, Ovid and reception Ursula Rothe (The […]

#podcastitas ~ Sermo Raedarius 78 — Sermones Raedarii

Sermo 78, quo tres libros commendo: Fabulae a Sara conversae, Le Latin dans votre Poche et Erat Olim; accedunt duo carmina, nonnulla nova de rebus Latinis retialibus, merae nugae. http://www.lulu.com/shop/a-sara-van-der-pas/fabvlae-latine-versae/paperback/product-23805613.html https://www.amazon.fr/latin-dans-votre-poche/dp/2035901987 https://www.reclam.de/detail/978-3-15-019271-9/Brueder_Grimm/Erat_olim