Student Reference

[this page is under construction … please send in suggestions, but please see the intended audience]

Some resources which will hopefully be useful to high school/undergrad students who need a quick ‘look up’ of something or a ‘starting place’ for research.

Of Use to Students of Latin

  • Latin Dictionary ~ Lewis & Short @ Perseus (best to use the “words starting with” from the dropdown menu and just type the stem of the word)
  • Numen ~ Lewis Elementary and Lewis & Short; check out the home page for some video tutorials (seems to be faster than the above)
  • Whitaker’s Words ~ useful for going English-Latin (you’ll still have to conjugate and decline)
  • Verbix ~ a Latin verb conjugator; type in the first person singular form for best results.
  • Grammar Table ~ from the UK’s National Archives; a handy chart (like the ones in the back of Wheelock) of the various declensions, conjugations, etc; cave for North American students: the order of the nouns and adjectives is that which one sees in UK texts (i.e. not NGDA(V)A)
  • Scansion – From Dickinson College Commentaries comes a series of brief videos on the basics of Latin Scansion

Of Use to Students of Greek

Of Use to Classics Students in General

3 thoughts on “Student Reference

  1. When I was a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, I help make a list of links for student help. It is out there for the public to use, so I am sure if you wanted to use it and add to the list, it wouldn’t be a problem.

    Here is the link

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