This Day in Ancient History

ante diem xviii kalendas februarias

  • carmentalia (day 2) — an annual festival in honour of the nymph Carmenta (a divinity associated with prophecy and childbirth; also the mother of Evander) celebrated primarily by women on the 11th and 15th of January
  • 69 A.D. — murder of Galba and his adopted son Piso; dies imperii of Otho

CONF: Late Antique and Byzantine Historiography

Late Antique and Byzantine Historiography

A one day colloquium at Cardiff University

Hosted by the Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture

Date: 21 January 2009, 10.00am-5pm

Place: Humanities Building, Colum Drive, Room 2.03

Provisional Programme:

10.00am: Mark Humphries (Swansea), Visa vel lecta? Ammianus Marcellinus and the monuments of Rome

10.45: Andy Fear (Manchester), A new chosen people? Orosius and the epic of Rome

11.30: Coffee break

12:     Josef Lössl (Cardiff), Prophecy in historiography

Lunch break

2pm:    Peter Van Nuffelen (Exeter), Procopius of Caesarea on past and present

2.45:   Conor Whately (Warwick), Textual unity in Procopius’ Wars

3.30:   Tea break

4pm:    Frank Trombley (Cardiff), Michael Attaleiates: professional experience and history writing

For further information please contact:

Dr Shaun Tougher, Cardiff School of History and Archaeology, Humanities Building, Colum Drive,
Cardiff CF10 3XU, tel: 029-20876228, Email: TougherSF AT

If you wish to attend please confirm by e-mail to:
TougherSF AT

Oxford Lunchtime Seminars

Special Lunchtime Seminar, Hilary Term 2009:

Recent Archaeology in Turkey

1 pm Tuesdays

First floor seminar room, Ioannou Classics Centre, 66 St. Giles’, Oxford

Week 2 (Jan. 27) – Burcu Erciyas (Middle East Technical University [METU], Ankara), Komana Archaelogical Research Project

Week 4 (Feb. 10) – Bert Smith (Oxford), Recent Work at Aphrodisias in Caria

Week 7 (March 3), Reyhan Körpe (Çanakkale University/Martin Harrison Fellow, Oxford), Recent Work in the Troad

Week 8 (March 10), Kutalmiş Görkay (Ankara University/Wolfson College, Oxford), Research at Zeugma

Conveners: Prof. R.R.R. Smith (bert.smith AT
Dr. Catherine Draycott (catherine.draycott AT

Edinburgh Seminars

Edinburgh Classics Research Seminars – Semester 2

All seminars will take place on Wednesdays at 5pm and, unless otherwise
stated, in Faculty Room North, David Hume Tower, George Square, Edinburgh

Week 2 | 21 January
Professor TIMOTHY BARNES (Toronto/Edinburgh)
‘Christians in the Severan Empire’

Week 3 | 28 January
Professor KEITH RUTTER (Edinburgh)
‘Coins and Cultures in Western Sicily’

Week 4 | 4 February
Professor MICHAEL REEVE (Cambridge)
‘The Vita Plinii and other Pliniana’

Week 5 | 11 February
Professor GEOFFREY B. GREATREX (Ottawa)
‘Patriarchs and Politics in sixth-century Constantinople’

Week 6: Reading Week/No Research Seminar

Week 7 | 25 February
Professor MICHAEL FULFORD (Reading)
‘Going down! The Silchester Insula IX Town Life Project 1997–2009’

Week 8 | 4 March
‘Dionysius the Periegete’

Week 9 | 11 March
‘A Greek Lyric Poet from Samos to Ghazni’

Week 10 | 18 March
Professor TIM CORNELL (Manchester)
‘Rome’s First Historian: a Reconsideration’

Week 11 | 25 March
Professor JOSEPH ROISMAN (Colby College)
‘Alexander’s the Great Veterans’

15 April | Conference Room
Professor RICHARD HUNTER (Cambridge)
‘The Gods of Callimachus’

13 May | Conference Room
Professor FRANCIS CAIRNS (Florida State University)
‘Elegiac Geography’

20 May | Conference Room
Professor ERICH GRUEN (Berkeley)
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For further details please contact Ursula Rothe (ursula.rothe At