Breviaria 01/25/09

An ironically-titled very long post as I try to get my email filing system back in order:

A Roman brooch find by a metal detectorist:

Latest from Macedonia/FYROM:

A nice intro to Herodotus and Thucydides:

Somewhat peripheral for us, but interesting:

With the Super Bowl on the way, we get the first of the annual Roman Numeral posts:

Laura Fulkerson has been honoured by the APA:

David Konstan’s latest work has won the Goodwin Award of Merit:

No relation (alas):

Some inspiration for our grade-school colleagues:

The headline says it all:

This one keeps popping up:

The APA’s December 2008 Newsletter is available …

The APA has also extended the license/distribution of Greekkeys …

A review of the (comic) Age of Bronze, vol. I

Arethusa Volume 42, Number 1, Winter 2009

ROME – CENTRAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL AREA: Prof. Rodolfo Lanciani, [Map] Romae – F.U.R (1893-1901) & Rome (GOOGLE EARTH 2007). Comparative side-by-side view. (Martin Conde)

… and last, and certainly least, Ms. Spears plans to major in Greek History (not):

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