I Can’t Get No … Satis Latin

A bunch of Latin news this a.m., the most interesting/surprising being that Mick Jagger is apparently a fan of the ancient language we hold so dear. According to a brief item in the Telegraph:

Sir Mick was looking around Latymer Upper School recently with Gabriel, his 11-year son by Jerry Hall, when he was shown into a classroom where a Latin lesson was taking place. The singer looked at the words on the board and found to his delight that he could understand them.

Then there was this interesting item from the Beaufort Gazette … here’s the incipit:

Brittle pages fell out as I opened the binder. One of the firmest sheets read, “A Collection of Latin Maxims and Phrases Literally Translated and Explained by John M. Cottrell, Intended for the use of Students for all Legal Examinations. Washington, D.C., John Byrne and Company, Law Book Publishers, 1897.”

An old book, ancient thoughts. But its scattered leaves hid a stern op-ed article for today’s economy. What was needed was a librarian to string it all together (English follows Latin in each sentence):

Quod ab initio non valet, in tractu temporis non convalescit (That which was void from its commencement does not improve by lapse of time). Quod turpi ex causa promissum est, non valet (An immoral consideration will not support a promise). [it continues]

Fulfilling the scholastic rule of three, we’ll simply point you to an opinion piece in the Columbia Spectator suggesting the need for a Classical Language requirement:

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