Iron Age Hoard

This one received quite a bit of press attention … a metal detectorist has come across a hoard of some 824 gold staters, dating from 40 B.C. to 15 A.D. (and so, of course, popularly connected to “Boudicca’s predecessors”) in a field near Wickham Market. It’s apparently the largest hoard found in the UK since 1849.

Jude Plouviez (Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service) dixit:

“It’s a good, exciting find. It gives us a lot of new information about the late Iron Age, and particularly East Anglia in the late Iron Age.

“The discovery is important because it highlights the probable political, economic and religious importance of an area.

“It certainly suggests there was a significant settlement nearby.  As far as we understand, it was occupied by wealthy tribes or subtribes.

“We haven’t seen anything as big as this, the last find of Iceni coins was about 90 coins. The discovery tells us about the later iron age in Suffolk, there was a lot of wealth around and perhaps the hoard was in a disputed area.”

She added:

“We don’t know how much they will be worth but it will be less than they were at the time,” said Ms Plouviez.

“After the treasure trove inquest, they will be offered to museums at their current value.”

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