CONF: Phaedrus Colloquium

Colloquium on Plato’s Phaedrus, April 16th-18th 2009
Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

The Phaedrus is one of Plato’s most explicitly ‘literary’ dialogues, both
in the sense that it is crafted in a particularly ingenious fashion and in
so far as it explicitly discusses the worth of literature, especially as a
medium for philosophy. Of course, the Phaedrus also has much to say about
the key Platonic issues of moral psychology, metaphysics, love and
rhetoric. The aim of this colloquium is to encourage collaborative
discussion of both the literary and philosophical significance of the
dialogue. To this end, our programme combines formal papers with sessions
of collaborative close reading of selected passages.

Participants include: Douglas Cairns (Edinburgh), John Henderson
(Cambridge), Matthew Hiscock (Cambridge), Richard Hunter (Cambridge), Alex
Long (St Andrews), Jessica Moss (Oxford), Liz Pender (Leeds), Christopher
Rowe (Durham), Dominic Scott (Virginia), Frisbee Sheffield (Cambridge),
Robert Wardy (Cambridge) and Harvey Yunis (Rice).

For more details please contact Jenny Bryan (jb304 AT or Helen Van
Noorden (hav21 AT

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