New at the Getty

More news on the benefits the Getty is receiving from its agreement with Italy … the incipit of a brief item from Reuters:

California’s Getty Museum, one of the world’s richest art institutions, has received the first two artworks from Italy under a deal that settled a 2006 dispute over looted antiquities.

Getty officials said on Wednesday that two life-size ancient bronze statues discovered in the volcano-destroyed Italian city of Pompeii and owned by the National Archeological Museum in Naples will undergo restoration by Getty conservation experts.

The priceless statues, known as Ephebe as a lampbearer and Apollo as an archer, also will be on display for two years at the Getty Villa, a reconstruction of a Pompeii villa that is dedicated to the study of Roman and Greek antiquities, in the beach city of Malibu.

They are two of only about 30 surviving bronze statues from the period. The Getty will use the expertise it has gained in quake-prone California to strengthen the statues before their return to Italy, which also has a history of devastating earthquakes.

“As part of the collaboration agreement between Italy and the Getty, we wanted to contribute to the conservation of these artifacts,” said Karol Wight, senior curator of antiquities at the Getty. “Our staff are very good in this area.”

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