CONF: Reading Seminars


Mary Beard (Cambridge)
“Laughing with (or at?) the Romans”
Room: HumSS 175
14 May 2009, Thursday, 4 p.m.

Robert Parker (Oxford)
“Sacrifice: The Big Issues”
Room: HumSS 175
20 May 2009, Wednesday, 4 p.m.

Terence Irwin (Oxford)
“Beauty and Morality in Aristotle”
Room: HumSS 175
27 May 2009, Wednesday, 4 p.m.

Philomen Probert (Oxford)
“Relative Clauses in Mycenaean Greek”
Room: HumSS 175
3 June 2009, Wednesday, 4 p.m.

For directions to the University of Reading, please see:

For further information, please contact Phiroze Vasunia at p.vasunia AT

One thought on “CONF: Reading Seminars

  1. I’m actually traveling to the UK and will be in Reading on May 20th and hope to attend. (Though I need to learn about the Reading bus system…) Thanks for posting!

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