The Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature 2009 will be held at the University of Birmingham on 14-15 November 2009.

AMPAL is a conference for postgraduates studying ancient literature which is now in its fifth year. It allows students to present their research, to take part in discussion and exchange of ideas, and to meet and network with other graduate students.

AMPAL 2009 will feature a research poster competition for the first time and there will also be the opportunity for speakers to publish their papers in the journal Rosetta (ISSN 1752-1580) in a special ‘Proceedings of AMPAL 2009’ edition. Peer review will be offered to all speakers and chairs.

The conference will be held at the University of Birmingham’s Conference Centre, with all meals and accommodation provided on site.


The theme for AMPAL 2009 is ‘Crossing Boundaries’

Symbolised by the Rosetta Stone which allowed translators to cross from one language to another, this theme can interpreted in many different ways. To suggest only a few readings:

* language boundaries, translation and linguistics
* country and national borders, frontiers, immigration and emigration
* journeys, quests, ancient tourism and travel writing
* liminality, transgression, metamorphosis and rites of passage
* the ‘Other’: gender boundaries, racial boundaries, cultural boundaries, religious boundaries, age boundaries, the boundaries of the body
* the contrast between the centre and the periphery, the city and the country, the home and the outside world
* the boundary between the living and the dead, the conscious and the unconscious, actuality and the imagination, performance and reality
* the difference between received history and actual events, the actor and the audience, the writer and the reader
* interdisciplinary boundaries
* intertextuality and intratextuality
* reception studies and the boundaries between today and the past

Postgraduates (and those recently qualified) working on any aspect of ancient literature are invited to submit abstracts related to ‘Crossing Boundaries’ in any of the following categories:

* 250 word abstract for a 20-minute paper
* 250 word description of a co-ordinated panel, along with the 250 word abstracts of each of the proposed papers (3 or 4 papers)
* 200 word abstract for a research poster (which may include a low-res sketch)

Please email your abstracts to [ ampal AT ] by May 31st 2009, along with your name, institution, and level of study.

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