Breviaria Miscellaneaque

I’m hoping to get the last of the backlog out of my system over the course of the day …  here’s a pile of items which, for various reasons, I didn’t really get a chance to get to (again, some might be a bit old):

How’s your Classical education?:

If you didn’t do well:

I can’t remember if I mentioned this report about Rome opening up assorted underground sites like the Ludus Magnus to the public, so just in case:

Similarly, I’m not sure whether I mentioned the vandalism attack on the Ara Pacis museum a while ago:

An update of sorts on the Oded Golan trial:

On the Roman contribution to comedy:

In case you missed the Astronomy Picture of the Day of the sun rising over the Parthenon … Robert Barron has a nice list of Classically-themed APODs at his blog …

Mary Beard stepped outside her blog to compare Silvio Berlusconi to a well-known emperor:

Tom Holland had an interesting review of the influence of Arthur Evans’ excavations on other branches of the humanities:

Plenty of Romans in a top ten list of extravagant emperors:

Rather less Classcon in a top ten list of literary shipwrecks:

… and since we’re doing Top Tens, we should alert folks to Mary Beard’s recent:

I’m still trying to figure out what, exactly, is (an open group blog masquerading as a newspaper?) but it turns up almost daily in my scans with articles of various interest … here’s a handful of recent ones:

Hercules’ thirteenth labour:

In case you’ve never heard/read Prairie Home Campanion’s Six Minute Iliad:

Daily Kos had a thing about Psyche:

A NASCAR blogger was looking at the Circus Maximus:

Folks will want to check out the Latin section of the Tar Heel Reader

The University of Queensland has acquired a nice funerary stele from Palmyra:

Back in May, CNN had a nice little slideshow about Rome:

Greece has come out against Google Streetview for some reason:

… while Rome is trying to get a dot Roma domain designation

Assorted links:

… as is Electronic Antiquity 12.1 (November 2008) …

… as is American Journal of Archaeology 113.3

The CAAS has an incipient archive for its newsletters …

TOC for Arethusa 42.2 (Spring 2009) …

TOC for TAPA 139.1 (Spring 2009) …

Latest CANE newsletter (May 2009) …

Latest CAMWS newsletter (Spring/Summer 2009) …

Rosetta issue 6 (all articles online) …

Latest HCA newsletter (June 2009) …

Papers from the APA panel New Approaches to the Political & Military History of the Greek, Roman, and Late Roman Worlds

A preliminary program for the 2010 APA shindig

The TES had an Ancient Greece wordsearch

ArtNet has been serializing Thomas Hoving’s memoirs online …


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