From the Italian Press

… the last bit of the backlog! woohoo!

A piece of a Roman column was found in a drain during sewer work in Naples (I think):

Excavations in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence have revealed remains of a first century theatre:

… and bits from a Temple of Isis and a pile of other remains too:

Some funerary statuary from a first century necropolis near Naples:

Remains of a Roman villa from Albettone:

A section of Etruscan/Roman road from Perugia:

Evidence from a necropolis in Ischitella suggests (maybe) an Etruscan presence there:

Organic finds from Pompeii are going to be kept in a special climate-controlled space:

They’re talking (again) of an underpass between the Temple sites at Agrigento:

… and of an archaeological park for Selinunte:

Big hopes for a dig at the Vicus Martis Tudertium:

A statue of Minerva Tritonia has been restored and is on display:

The Domus Aurea will reopen within a couple of years:

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