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Announcing that the September, 2009, issue — Volume XXII, No. 2 — of the _CSA Newsletter_ is now available at

"Managing the Content of AutoCADŽ Models with Layers"
Two views from two sets of needs — and a hybrid. (Paul Blomerus and Harrison Eiteljorg, II)

"Review of the Kindle 2"
A new version deserves a new look. (Jocelyn Penny Small)

Web Site Review: Review of The Virtual Museum of Iraq
A superb site with a problem pedigree. (Jack Cheng)

Web Site Review: The Internet History Sourcebooks Project
A very helpful site for students — and those who teach them. (Susan C. Jones)

"Susan C. Jones, With Thanks"
"Thank you" is woefully inadequate. (Harrison Eiteljorg, II)

"Presenting Project Photographs on the Web"
Archiving and serving project photographs should not be this complicated. (Harrison Eiteljorg, II)

This Day in Ancient History: pridie nonas octobres

pridie nonas octobres

  • ludi Augustales scaenici (day 2 — from 11-19 A.D. and post 23 A.D.) — — festival in honour of Augustus involving primarily mime and pantomime theatrical displays
  • ludi Augustales scaenici (day 4 — from 19-23 A.D.)
  • 105 B.C. — the Cimbri inflict a massive defeat on Roman legions at Arausio
  • 68 B.C. — Romans under Lucullus defeat the Armenians under Tigranes II at Artaxata (according to one reckoning) …
  • 175 A.D. — martyrdom of Sagar in Phrygia