Of Interest: Blooper Request

Student bloopers are needed, for a book to be published by Mitch Allen and Left Coast Press. Any and all areas desired: history, archaeology, English, science, etc. Bloopers already collected from student essays, exams, and research papers include gems such as "The Israelites…wondered in the dessert for 40 years." Please send via email to Eric Cline at ehcline At gwu.edu. Please also include a statement giving express permission to include the bloopers in the book. Apologies in advance for cross-listing; please feel free to forward this message.

Of Interest: New Issue of CANEns

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that the new issue of CANEns, the
newsletter of the Classical Association of New England, has been
posted at the CANE website: http://www.caneweb.org; click on the
‘canens’ button. Information about the CANE annual meeting in March
at Moses Brown School, about CSI ’09, and about CANE Scholarships and
other offerings is included, as well as a report on a middle school
mosaic project, a profile of the MIT Classics and Medieval Studies
Dept., and a book review for schools on Mary Beard’s Roman Triumph.
Enjoy, and please be in touch with any questions or comments.


CONF: Institute of Classical Studies: Ancient History Seminar, Spring Term 2010

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University of London School of Advanced Study



Thursdays at 4.30 pm
G 22/26 South Block, Senate House
Spring term 2010
Organiser: Christy Constantakopoulou (Birkbeck)
c.constantakopoulou AT bbk.ac.uk


14 January Graham Oliver (Liverpool) Destroying inscriptions: the authorised and unauthorised removal of inscribed documents in the Greek world

21 January Angelos Chaniotis (Oxford) Moving stones: the study of emotions in Greek inscriptions

28 January Robin Osborne (Cambridge) The letter: a diplomatic history

4 February Riet van Bremen (UCL) A Hellenistic list of donors (?) and some other puzzling lists

11 February Irene Polinskaya (KCL) A new corpus of ancient inscriptions from the northern Black Sea

25 February Stephen Lambert (Cardiff) Priests and priestesses in Athenian honorific decrees

4 March Polly Low (Manchester) Constructing lives from stone: inscriptions and biographical traditions

11 March Claire Taylor (Trinity College, Dublin) Graffiti or inscriptions? Some problems from Attica

ED: Tytus Summer Residency Program

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Department of Classics


The University of Cincinnati Classics Department is pleased to announce the Margo Tytus Summer Residency Program. Tytus Summer Residents, in the fields of philology, history and archaeology will come to Cincinnati for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three during the summer. Applicants must have the Ph.D. in hand at the time of application. Apart from residence in Cincinnati during term, the only obligation of Tytus Summer Residents is to pursue their own research. They will receive free university housing. They will also receive office space and enjoy the use of the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College Libraries.

The University of Cincinnati Burnam Classics Library (http://www.libraries.uc.edu/libraries/classics/) is one of the world’s premier collections in the field of Classical Studies. Comprising 240,000 volumes and other research materials, the library covers all aspects of the Classics: the languages and literatures, history, civilization, art, and archaeology. Of special value for scholars is both the richness of the collection and its accessibility — almost any avenue of research in the classics can be pursued deeply and broadly under a single roof. The unusually comprehensive core collection, which is maintained by three professional classicist librarians, is augmented by several special collections such as 15,000 nineteenth century German Programmschriften, extensive holdings in Palaeography, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. At neighboring Hebrew Union College, the Klau Library (http://library.cn.huc.edu/), with holdings in excess of 450,000 volumes and other research materials, is rich in Judaica and Near Eastern Studies.

Application Deadline: February 15.

A description of the Tytus Summer Residency Program and an application form is available online at http://classics.uc.edu/index.php/tytus. Questions can be directed to program.coordinator AT classics.uc.edu.

CFP: Final Call for Articles – New Voices Issue 5

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We have had some requests for a later deadline for articles for New Voices Issue 5 (Spring 2010) which we have agreed to and therefore have decided to send a general Final Call for articles.
If you are currently working on an article that is nearing completion and would like to submit for consideration by New Voices please note the Final Call deadline: Friday 8th January 2010.
New Voices in Classical Reception Studies is a refereed electronic journal. Most of the ‘new voices’ are early career researchers such as recent post-docs and advanced graduate students or people who have changed research direction and are starting to publish their work in areas relevant to classical reception.
Further information and details of how to submit are available on the New Voices website http://www2.open.ac.uk/newvoices and the editor, Lorna Hardwick (l.p.hardwick AT open.ac.uk) will be pleased to answer any queries.