ED: Ovid Study Tour at His Birthplace near Sulmona

Seen on Classicists … this looks fun (please send any responses to the folks mentioned in the quoted text, not to rogueclassicism!):

*At Home with Ovid: A Study Tour*

The most scandalous of Roman poets, Ovid was born in Sulmo, modern Sulmona, in 43 BC and died in exile on the Black Sea in 17 AD, banished by the Emperor Augustus for an unknown crime.

As well as his famous Metamorphoses he produced a large body of elegiac love poetry, which we will study in the perfect setting, the historic village of Pacentro, overlooking Sulmona and the mountain streams of Ovid’s birthplace. In this week-long course, we will read (in translation) across the range of Ovid’s poetry, examining his politics, poetics and erotics. The course is designed for anyone with a passion for the classics, whether or not you have read any Ovid before.

Full details at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/mary.zajicek/Ovid.html or contact Mary Zajicek at mzajicek AT brookes.ac.uk


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