ED: SACE Ancient Worlds Summer School 2010

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SACE Ancient Worlds Summer School 2010: 26th July – 6th August

Summer Schools Programme

The School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (SACE) is pleased to announce its Summer School Programme for 2010. This year, summer school courses will be available in two subject areas: Classics and Egyptology.

Classics Summer School (Latin and Greek Language)

The Classics summer school will provide participants with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language of their choice (Greek or Latin).

The summer school will be run over two weeks: the first week’s teaching will be at Beginner level, and the second week at Intermediate level. Attendees who are new to Classics may wish to take advantage of both weeks to establish a firm grounding in the language, while those with some linguistic experience can consolidate their skills by attending the second week of the course. These intensive programmes are open to anyone (aged 14+) wishing to improve their knowledge of the ancient languages, but would be particularly useful in providing prospective Undergraduates and Postgraduates with valuable experience and a head-start in Latin or Greek ahead of their studies. The courses will be taught by experts in the Latin/Greek languages.

Egyptology Summer School

The Egyptology Summer School will comprise two parts, focussing on the language and culture of ancient Egypt, with particular emphasis on Ramesside Egypt. In the first week, participants will learn about the art, history and religion under the rule of the Ramesses Pharaohs through a series of lectures and interactive seminars. The second week’s teaching will be language based: the course will introduce the hieroglyphic script and the ancient Egyptian language at Beginner level and will allow participants to read from a fascinating selection of ancient Egyptian funerary texts. Participants are welcome to sign up for either or both parts of the course. The Summer School will be taught throughout by expert scholars at the cutting of research on Ramesside Egypt.

Both the Classics and the Egyptology SACE Summer School programmes are available as a one week course (inc. 3 days tuition, 2 days private study time or optional excursions/themed lectures & activities) or an extended two week course (inc. 6 days tuition, 4 days private study or optional excursions/themed lectures & activities). Full residential facilities, including accommodation, meals and refreshments are also available on request (students must be aged 17 or over).

We are also offering a range of themed lectures and cultural activities including a chance to visit the region’s best collection of neo-classical art, the Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight, and an artefact handling session in the Garstang Archaeology museum. All excursions and activities are included free of charge for residential students whilst non-residential students are warmly invited to attend for a small surcharge per event (details below).

For more information and booking details contact:

Dr Eugénie Fernandes (‘Classics for Schools’ Director) Tel: 0151 794 2312

Email: eugenie.fernandes AT liv.ac.uk

Dr Glenn Godenho (Egyptology Outreach Officer) Tel. 0151 794 2475

Email: glenn.godenho AT liv.ac.uk

Dr Katharine Earnshaw (School Outreach Officer) Tel. 0151 794 3061

Email: k.m.earnshaw AT liv.ac.uk


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