CONF: Homer in the 21st century

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4th Trends in Classics Conference

homer in the 21st century: orality, neoanalysis, interpretation

Thessaloniki, 28-30 may 2010 (Auditorium of the Archaeological Museum)

Friday, 28th May

8.45-9.15 Reception-Registration

9.15-9.30 A. Rengakos: Introduction

9.30-10.00 D. N. Maronitis (U of Thessaloniki) The Iliad: at point-blank range

10.00-10.30 Keynote Lecture: W. Kullmann (U of Freiburg) Neoanalysis between Orality and Literacy

10.30-11.00 M. Finkelberg (U of Tel-Aviv) Oral formulaic theory and the individual poet

11.00-11.30 P. Pucci (Cornell University) Iterative syntactical segments and their contextualization

12.00-12.30 G. Nagy (Harvard University) Signs of Hero Cult in Homeric Poetry

12.30-13.00 R. Martin (Stanford University) Homegerees: constructing Homer

15.00-15.30 M.L. West (Oxford University) Some pre-Iliadic poems

15.30-16.00 G. Danek (U of Vienna) Troilus and Lycaon

16.00-16.30 C. Due (U of Texas) Maneuvers in the dark of night: Iliad 10 in the twenty-first century

17.00-17.30 J. Marks (U of Florida) αρχους αυ νηων ερέω: Il. 2.493a

17.30-18.00 M. Alden (U of Belfast) The vagrant without status (Il. 9. 648 = 16. 59)

Saturday, 29th May

9.30-10.00 J. Latacz (U of Basel) Fragen an Homers Achilleus

10.00-10.30 A. Kelly (Oxford University) The Mourning of Thetis: ?Allusion’, the Future and the Iliad

10.30-11.00 M. Hirschberger (U of Dusseldorf) The fate of Achilles as told in the Iliad

11.00-11.30 L. Muellner (Brandeis University) Grieving Achilles

12.00-12.30 J. Burgess (U of Toronto) Belatedness in the Travels of Odysseus

12.30-13.00 O. Levaniouk (U of Washington at Seattle) ου χρώμεθα τοις ξενικοις ποιήμασι: Questions about the Evolution and Variability of the Odyssey

15.00-15.30 E. Bakker (Yale University) Paradigmatic Similes in the Odyssey

15.30-16.00 S. Said (Columbia University) Animal Similes: From the Iliad to the Odyssey

16.00-16.30 C.Tsagalis (AUTh) De-authorizing the Epic Cycle: Odysseus’ False Tale to Eumaeus (Od. 14.199-359)

16.30-17.00 J. Petropoulos (Democritus U of Thrace) The Telemachy and the Cyclic Nostoi

17.30-18.00 A.C. Cassio (U of Rome "La Sapienza") Kypris, Kythereia, and the Latest Phases of the Homeric Epics

18.00-18.30 R. Hunter (U of Cambridge)Testing time: Agamemnon’s peirai and Homeric criticism

18.30-19.00 E. Minchin (Australian National University) Memory and memories: personal memory, collective memory, and interpretation in the poems of Homer

Sunday, 30th May

9.30-10.00 J.M. Foley (U of Missouri)Similes in Homer and South Slavic Oral Epic

10.00-10.30 R. Scodel (U of Michigan) Works and Days and the Homeric/Cyclic Tradition

10.30-11.00 St. West (Oxford University) Some lessons from Alpamysh

11.30-12.00 J. Torres-Guerra (U of Navara) The writing down of the oral Thebais that ?Homer’ knew: In the Footsteps of Wolfgang Kullmann

12.00-12.30 A. Debiasi (U of Torino) Omero agonista a Calcide

12.30-13.00 B. Currie (Oxford University) The Iliad, Gilgamesh, and Neoanalysis

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