Middle School Latin Program in Peril!

Seen on Latinteach (please send any responses to the folks mentioned in the quoted text, not to rogueclassicism!):

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to ask your help in saving our Latin program at the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School in Bridgewater, NJ. Due to extreme budget cuts, our Board of Ed. is considering eliminating the 2 years of middle school Latin in our district at the end of this year. This will also eliminate one of our teacher positions. It will leave our current 7th graders with nowhere to go next year, & will probably also eliminate the possibility of students reaching the AP level, since they must now begin Latin in 9th grade. Our district is currently experiencing unprecedented cuts; currently over 116 staff have lost their jobs in the first round of cuts, & more are anticipated in a second round this week when Governor Christie announces cuts to municipal budgets.

We used to be a K-12 world language district, with 6 languages offered from the 6-12 grades. Now only Spanish survives at the lower levels & Latin would reduce down to only HS level. IF A THIRD ROUND OF CUTS BECOMES NECESSARY, IT IS MY FEAR THAT THE ENTIRE LATIN PROGRAM WILL BE ELIMINATED.

Therefore, would you please consider e-mailing your support of our Latin program to any of the Board members whose e-mails are located on the "BOE" link at:

There is also a Superintendent’s link, where I believe you can e-mail him, as well. I am hoping that by the time of our next board meeting, your e-mails of support will have filled their in-boxes! Thank you so much.

Your grateful colleague,

Dr. Kimberle Gray
Latin teacher
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional Schools

2 thoughts on “Middle School Latin Program in Peril!

  1. Thank you so much Dr. Gray. The thought, and now potential reality, of losing Latin is devastating to me and many other of your former students. I really this will help and make a difference.

  2. my sister was planning on taking your class because of how much i liked it. she has already6 been scheduled for it and is now very angry at the fact that she might have to take a different language because of these cuts.

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