Boris Johnson and Mary Beard on Electioneering

Not sure how long this one from BBC4 will be available … here’s the description; audio file after the jump:

How were Roman political techniques for getting elected similar to those of today?
The Romans produced their first handbook on electioneering 2000 years ago, written by Cicero’s brother Quintus in the first century BC.
London Mayor Boris Johnson and classics professor Mary Beard discuss how some of the strategies for winning over voters are eerily familiar.

via Modern politicians ‘as ego driven’ as the Romans | BBC .

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi nonas maias

St. Helena
Image by jimforest via Flickr

ante diem vi nonas maias

  • ludi Florae (possible day 7) — a festival originally ordered in response to an interpretation of the Sybilline books in 238 B.C., it fell into desuetude only to be revived in 173 B.C.; it was a general festival of drinking and other merriment in honour of Flora, who presided over (of course) flowers and their blossoms
  • c. 62 A.D. — martyrdom of James the Lesser in Jerusalem
  • c. 80 A.D. — martyrdom of Philip the Apostle in Heirapolis, Phrygia
  • 115 or 116 A.D. — martyrdom of Pope Alexander I in Rome
  • c. 286 — martyrdom of Maura at Thebias (Thebais?)
  • 326 — traditional date for Helena finding the ‘True Cross’ in Jerusalem …