Gladiator Graveyard Followup

Some more coverage of note … first we have a video from CNN:

… then, from the BBC’s coverage, we learn that the rumoured television program is a Channel 4 production called Gladiators: Back from the Dead. Of course, there’s a trailer:

… from the looks of things, the archaeological side isn’t a major focus, alas.

In case you missed our previous coverage: Gladiator Graveyard?

Citanda: Stanley Fish on ‘Classical Education’

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An OpEddish/reviewish sort of thing about three books: Leigh A. Bortins, The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education; Martha C. Nussbaum, Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities; and Diane Ravitch, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice are Undermining Education:

A Classical Education: Back to the Future | NYTimes.

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi idus junias

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ante diem vi idus junias

  • 215 B.C. — dedication of the Temple of Mens (and associated rites thereafter)
  • 17 B.C.. — ludi Latini et Graeci honorarii (day 4)
  • 65 A.D./C.E. — Jewish rebels capture the Antonia in Jerusalem (not sure about this one)
  • 68 A.D. — recognition of Galba as emperor in Rome (?)
  • 86 A.D. — ludi Capitolini (day 3)
  • 204 A.D. — ludi Latini et Graeci honorarii (day 5) [I need more info on this one]
  • 218 A.D. — the Legio III Gallica, who had declared their loyalty for Bassianus (the future emperor Elagabalus) defeats the emperor Macrinus near Antioch; Macrinus fled
  • 1768 — death of Johann Winckelmann