Webmanager Needed At eClassics

Amicus noster Andrew Reinhard has recently accepted a position as the ASCSA Director of Publications (congrats, by the way) and does not feel he will have time to effectively manage his Ning eClassics forum/site. He is asking whether any folks out there might like to take over his duties there (“post occasional videos, do the odd blog, and serve as gatekeeper to prohibit site access by robots, marketers, etc.”). If you’re interested, please contact Andrew directly at areinhard AT bolchazy.com

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem iv nonas sextilias

Second Punic War, The Battle of Cannae, Destru...
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ante diem iv nonas sextilias

  • 338 B.C. — Death of Archidamus III (King of Sparta)
  • 216 B.C. — Hannibal inflicts a massive defeat on Roman forces at Cannae (possible date)
  • 86 B.C. — Sulla defeats Mithridates at Chaeronea (possible date)
  • 49 B.C. — Julius Caesar defeats Afranius and Petreius (legates of Pompey) at Ilerda
  • 47 B.C. — Julius Caesar defeats Pharnaces II at Zela (and would later proclaim his victory with the famous “Veni, vidi, vici” )
  • 9 A.D. — death of Quintilius Varus (not sure about this one)