From Explorator 13.33

As many of my readers know, in addition to rogueclassicism I put out a weekly newsletter called Explorator in which I hubristicly try to cover the whole world of archaeology in the popular press. As might be imagined, much of what gets posted to rogueclassicism appears there (including additional links to similar stories), but items also appear in Explorator which are of Classical interest which don’t make it to rogueclassicism for various reasons (e.g. lack of time, editorial letheia, etc.).  Whatever the case, at one time I used to post excerpts therefrom at rc and had stopped doing it for some reason (can’t remember why … it was something ‘technical’) but now I resume … hopefully you’ll find something of interest:

Thanks to Arthur Shippee, Dave Sowdon,Diana Wright, Patrick Swann,
Edward Rockstein, Joan Griffith,Rick Heli,Hernan Astudillo, Feral Boy,
John Hall, Kurt Theis, Keely Lake,John McMahon, Barnea Selavan,
Joseph Lauer, Mike Ruggeri, Richard Campbell,Richard C. Griffiths,
Bob Heuman, Rochelle Altman,and Ross W. Sargent for headses upses
this week (as always hoping I have left no one out).

More collapses at Pompeii this week:

… so UNESCO went on an inspection:

They’re looking for Agrigento’s theatre again:

Plenty of opEds about Italy’s cultural heritage problems:

… and there was an interview with Andrew Wallace-Hadrill on the problems:

… and we’re hearing of a ‘plan’:

… while they deny problems are due to budget cuts:

… while an Italian shoe tycoon is offering to restore the Colosseum:

Polychromic and gilded statuary from Corinth:

Somewhat vague item on Roman and Byzantine finds from al-Gharia (Syria):

Elevating Arsinoe’s status:

On the return of Latin to primary schools in the UK:

… and every child deserves classics too, of course:

No Romans needed to explain Chinese blondes:

Eubulides makes the New York Times:

What Kurt Raaflaub is up to:

Robert Garland has been working on Hannibal:

An interview with Stacy Schiff:

… and reviews, of course:–the-real-cleopatra-power-not-beauty

… and now opEd pieces based thereon:

Review of Anne Carson, *An Oresteia*:

Review of Tom Payne, *Fame*:

Review of James Romm, *The Landmark Arrian*:

More on that legionary bath in Jerusalem:

Latest reviews from Scholia:

Latest reviews from BMCR:


Museums are lining up to host the Staffordshire Hoard:

… and the Hoard won the “Acquisition of the Year” award:

The Cleopatra exhibit is heading to Cincinnati:

Budget cuts:
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