Yet Another Collapse at Pompeii!!!

The incipit of a piece from ANSA:

Pompeii on Friday saw its fourth wall collapse this week, the cultural heritage branch of the UIL trade union reported in Rome.

UIL said it had already warned of dangers to the wall before the 2,000-year-old site’s famed Gladiators’ School caved in and spurred an international outcry on November 6.

The wall that came down Friday was “some 20 metres from the school,” UIL said.

It was about three metres long, three metres high and supported part of the House of Trebius Valens.

“There is an emergency, horrifying the world, that is not being tackled,” UIL said.

The latest collapse took place as UNESCO inspectors began the second day of their tour of the world heritage site to report back on its maintenance and conservation.

Some international experts suggested taking Pompeii’s care out of Italy’s hands after the school collapse which President Giorgio Napolitano called “a national disgrace”.

… it goes on with the sort of handwringing we’ve already heard about, for the most part. What’s REALLY INTERESTING about all this, though, is the collapse is at the House of Trebius Valens. In our post pondering the collapses from the other day, we referenced a webpage which presented a first person account of the damage incurred at Pompeii during WWII. We also suggested that the buildings restored after WWII might be the ones which were having this collapsing issue. Well guess what … the House of Trebius Valens was one of the houses damaged during WWII and subsequently fixed. Is anyone (besides me) making the connection that perhaps the materials used in the post-WWII repairs are contributing to this problem? Just for those of you who want to keep score, these are the buildings mentioned in the account:

  • Gladiator’s Training School
  • House Rex Tiburtinus
  • House of Trebius Valens
  • House of Epidius Rufus
  • Temple of Jupiter
  • Temple of Apollo
  • House of Triptolemus
  • Temple of Hercules
  • House of Sallust
  • House of Pansa

UPDATE: Dr Tronchin informs us that the so-called House of Rex Tiburtinus mentioned above is now generally referred to as the House of Loreius Tiburtinus or Octavius Quartio … folks also will want to see Martin Conde’s links to photos of the WWII damage (and other items) which are appended in the comments to our previous post on this.


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