Chimera of Arezzo Redux

The so called "'Chimera of Arezzo" i...
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Longtime readers of rogueclassicism may remember a post from a couple of years ago wherein was mentioned the contention that the Capitoline She-Wolf was not as old as we thought (the subject first came to our notice in one of Mary Beard’s posts). At the time, I wondered whether the Chimera of Arezzo would be soon coming under the same scrutiny. I asked the same question last year when the Chimera went on display at the Getty.  In the latest AJA I notice an article by P. Gregory Warden: The Chimaera of Arezzo: Made in Etruria? which deals with just the sorts of things I was wondering about (it appears the antiquity of both the Chimera and the Amazon Sarcophagus in the Florence museum came under scrutiny in the wake of the Capitoline Wolf reexamination). What’s even better, the pdf (link on the page) is ‘free’ and can be perused by all and sundry (and rogueclassicists). Enjoy …

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