Latest in the Search for Cleo’s Tomb

From Dominican Today:

A group of professionals from different walks of life and various countries have come together to support Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez’s search for Cleopatra’s final resting place, convinced that the endeavor is a worthy cause for the people of the country, the region and the world.

German Toro Ghio, a Chilean who’s been in the country for many years, formed the Enigma Group with Freddy Cervantes Palomino, Jorge Pineda, Bredyg Disla, Melvin Peña, Orlando Isaac, Thien Doan, Miguel Franjul Perez, Rosario Medina Patricia Tomas, Giovanny Cavallo and Patricia Rodriguez, as a first step to trumpet support for Kathleen Martinez’s excavations near Alexandria, Egypt.

Enigma, whose first informal gathering took place last week, will recruit supporters, organize fund raisers, motor online campaigns and stage other activities to help the attorney-turned-archaeologist in her search for the last pharaoh and Egypt’s last Queen.

… I suspect this is proof that Zahi Hawass is no longer kicking around to support this claim. Not that it means anything, but I don’t recognize any of the names there as having anything to do with archaeology … also don’t see a website or facebook group for this yet (there is a security firm with the same name)

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