Speaking of Mysterious Dodecahedra …

… I know no one was, but remember a while ago we had this post: Mysterious Roman Dodecahedra

Well, some company is claiming to have solved the ‘mystery’:

… although one genuinely wonders how much knowledge of Roman history/technology they have; I’m sure their modern application is very innovative, but they seem to imagine Romans doing things that they really didn’t have to  … if you have a strong gag reflex, you might want to watch their videos (especially the ‘Teaser’)

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Mysterious Dodecahedra …

  1. I loved the pretty research assistant in the bikini and lab coat in the second video, and the tacky background music!


    Not too sure about their explanation of the docecahedra, though…

  2. Wow, mark is right about the girl. That demo was hot. I like the photo of her at the end of the last video–that is bold. They seem to know about the fig-leaf tradition:) I like with the their videos and going on the record with the theory…I have no idea whether it is right–it seems to make some sense that Romans needed to transcribe the shape of the things they were building. I guess Archimedes principle combined with dodecahedron would allow them to record. Is he saying they solved the equation or just transcribed and compared the datasets for deviation?

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