OMG!!! That (Purported) Lupercal Find is Back!!!! (And I still don’t buy it)

My patience with this one grew thin years ago but seeing as Discovery News has put up a video claiming the ‘Lupercal’ (i.e. the grove where Romulus and Remus were raised by a that lupine thing) I figure I should say something. Ecce (I can’t embed it here … sorry):

… as I mentioned the second time this story came around, there really isn’t anything new here. There is a detail (this time enunciated by some engineer as opposed to a Carandini or LaRegina vel simm) about the shape of the structure which might be new and the detail about the structure being below the level of the river, which happens to match up vaguely with the legend. But in the past, I — and several others — have pointed out that the decorations really have nothing Lupercaliaish about them and the structure seems to be more likely some imperial nymphaeum. You can work your way through the previous coverage (presented in chronological order):

… just when I was starting to think good things about journalists in regards to skepticism about yetis and krakens …