The Classical Tradition?

An item in the Telegraph about binge drinking in the UK includes, inter alia:

Dr Phil Withington, a Cambridge University lecturer, claims the drunkenness on Britain’s streets is a reflection of the binge-drinking fun enjoyed by these Oxbridge students.

He said: “These classically-educated students emulated the carousing drinking camaraderie of Ancient Greek and Roman culture.

“They played Latin drinking games, invented initiations rites, and drinking became integral to male bonding and a social norm.

… er, well, I guess nihil novum and all that … other than letting women in on the ‘social norm’ side of things …

Circumundique ~ 10/26/11

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi kalendas novembres

ante diem vi kalendas novembres

  • ludi Victoriae Sullanae (day 2) — games held in honour of Victoria commemorating Sulla’s defeat of the Samnites in 82 B.C.
  • 43 B.C. — Marcus Junius Brutus commits suicide in the wake of the defeat at Philippi (by one reckoning)
  • 113 A.D. — the emperor Trajan departs from Rom
    Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam, 1523. Oil an...
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    e for his war against the Parthians

  • 251 A.D. — the future emperor Valerian is elected by the senate to the recently-revived office of censor
  • 1469 — birth of Erasmus