Something That’s Been Bugging Me: Outreach I ~ Scholarships

It being Victoria Day and all, I’ve been able to do a bit of catching up blogging (as you can probably tell) and it also gives me the opportunity to gripe about a few things which are outreach-related. The first one has to do with a conversation currently unfolding on the Latinteach list wherein it has been asked what scholarships are available for students who are hoping to enter the Classics field. It boggles my mind at this point in the development of both Classics and the internets, but amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be a one-stop shopping list for this sort of thing. One would think, e.g., that the American Philological Association or the Classical Association of Canada would have a section of their websites devoted to this, but I’ve come up empty. They do, of course, highlight scholarships/prizes which their respective associations offer, but that’s a bit short-sighted for ‘(inter)national’ organizations. As a result, on the American side, Shelly McCormick’s list seems to have the most entries so far (she’s a Latin teacher). On the Canadian side, one can wade through the entries at, although it gets tricky where departments have merged with others.

So the obvious gripe is why haven’t the APA and CAC put something together in this regard? It seems to me that one of the most basic aspects of outreach — i.e. attracting high school students to enter the field — would be to show them that there is some financial assistance available to them to help pay for a program they might have difficulties convincing their parents is worth taking, no? I also notice — from the Canadian listings — that there are plenty of prizes and and the like at various universities for those who are already in-course. Knowing that such things are available before you even enter a program would obviously provide at least some incentive to ‘sign up’. Come on associations … let’s get on this thing!

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