This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vii idus junias

ante diem vii idus junias

Temple Of Vesta ~ Rome
Temple Of Vesta ~ Rome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the ‘inner sanctum’ of the Temple of Vesta was opened to the (female) public

ludi piscatorii (?) — a private festival celebrated by fishermen

17 B.C.. — ludi Latini et Graeci honorarii (day 3)

20 A.D. — Nero Julius Caesar, son of the emperor-in-waiting Germanicus, dons his toga virilis; a congiarium is given to the people as well

86 A.D. — ludi Capitolini — a festival involving poetic contests, inaugurated by Domitian based on something done by Nero (day 2)

204 A.D. — ludi Latini et Graeci honorarii (day 4)