Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2012.07.16:  Nikolaos Papazarkadas, Sacred and Public Land in Ancient Athens. Oxford classical monographs.
  • 2012.07.15:  Peter Fibiger Bang, C. A. Bayly, Tributary Empires in Global History. Cambridge Imperial and Post-colonial Studies.
    Eric H. Cline, Mark W. Graham, Ancient Empires: from Mesopotamia to the Rise of Islam.
  • 2012.07.14:  Marguerite Johnson, Harold Tarrant, Alcibiades and the Socratic Lover-Educator.
  • 2012.07.13:  Amy C. Smith, Sadie Pickup, Brill’s Companion to Aphrodite.
  • 2012.07.12:  William H. F. Altman, Plato the Teacher: the Crisis of the Republic.
  • 2012.07.11:  Elaine Fantham, Roman Readings: Roman Response to Greek literature from Plautus to Statius and Quintilian. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde, 277.
  • 2012.07.10:  Trevor Bryce on Anthony Spalinger on Bryce.
    Response by Trevor Bryce.
  • 2012.07.09:  Sylvia Montiglio, From Villain to Hero: Odysseus in Ancient Thought.
  • 2012.07.08:  Frances Muecke, John Dunston, Domizio Calderini: Commentary on Silius Italicus. Travaux d’Humanisme et Renaissance 477.
  • 2012.07.07:  Alastair J. L. Blanshard, Kim Shahabudin, Classics on Screen: Ancient Greece and Rome on Film
  • 2012.07.06:  Andrzej S. Chankowski, L’Éphébie hellénistique: Étude d’une institution civique dans les cités grecques des îles de la Mer Égée et de l’Asie Mineure. Culture et cité, 4.
  • 2012.07.05:  Paul A. Trout, Deadly Powers: Animal Predators and the Mythic Imagination. 2012.07.04:  Michaël Martin, La magie dans l’Antiquité. Hors collection.
  • 2012.07.03:  Robert Knapp, Invisible Romans.
  • 2012.07.02:  Ian Mueller, Simplicius, On Aristotle On the Heavens 1. 3-4. Ancient Commentators on Aristotle.

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