Open Access Hesperia!

A Blogosphere version of this has probably scrolled off the page by now, so we’ll bring it up again … the opening ‘graph of the announcement should be sufficient:

The American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) continues its strong commitment to open scholarship by providing easy, free access to past issues of Hesperia. The quarterly joins nearly 1,200 other international open access journals in ancient studies as listed in The Ancient World Online. As of July 11th, over 1,500 Hesperia articles (1932 to 2009) are available as downloadable PDFs on the ASCSA’s website. Through a content-sharing agreement negotiated between the ASCSA and JSTOR, the online host of the journal, all articles beyond the three-year “moving wall” can be freely distributed on the School’s website for individual use. This initiative was unanimously endorsed by the Publications Committee of the School’s Managing Committee.

And, of course, you want to know where to access the mounds and mounds of scholarship which are suddenly available to all and sundry (and rogueish) … ecce:

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