Video of the Moment: Oedipus Rex

So my kid has a test in Oedipus Rex tomorrow and they haven’t watched a movie version yet (ran out of time), so naturally I go looking for one and came up with this gem from 1968 … Christopher Plummer as Oedipus! Orson Welles as Teiresias!  Donald Sutherland is in the chorus!!! The picture quality is iffy at times (especially at the beginning), but it’s pretty good …

… and the listing from IMDB

Classical Words of the Day


This Day in Ancient History: ante diem ix kalendas sextilias

ante diem ix kalendas sextilias

¶ ludi Victoriae Caesaris (day 5)

¶ 64 A.D. — the Great Fire of Rome continues (day 7)

¶ 69 A.D. — sacking of the Second Temple in Jerusalem (?)

¶ 133 A.D. — the last holdout of the Bar Kochba Revolt — Betar — fell to the Romans (?)

¶ 1895 — Birth of Robert Graves (author of I, Claudius, among others)

¶ 1978 — death of Dame Kathleen Kenyon (excavatrix of Jericho)