Column of Trajan, Scene by Scene

The passing mention of an old post on Trajan’s Column being colorized reminded me that I owed a tip o’ the pileus to Ellen Bauerle who sent in this Italian site which has a very nice treatment of Trajan’s column, scene by scene. Despite being an Italian site, rolling over the red dots for commentary reveals such are in French … I (and Ellen) don’t get that, but it’s interesting to follow the narrative as a sort of strip cartoon (hmmm … someone should make a graphic novel sort of treatment of Trajan’s column):

Colorizing the Medici Venus

Another one from back in March that I missed … they’ve detected traces of red paint on the Medici Venus’ lips:

Of course, we have long commented on colorizing of ancient statuary:

… etc. … I’m sure there are more …

A Taste of Boris’ Oration

I’ve been anxiously checking in on Youtube in the hopes of seeing a video of Boris’ performance of Armand D’Angour’s Olympian ode and while we still don’t have the full thing, Susannah Davis (on Twitter; naturally we direct a tip o’ the pileus to her) did point us to this glimpse from a Greek source:

cf: <a href=””>London 2012 Olympic Ode!</a>

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem viii kalendas sextilias

ante diem viii kalendas sextilias

¶  Furrinalia — a festival in honour of an obscure Roman deity named Furrina, who appears to have been associated with a grove and/or spring

¶ ludi Victoriae Caesaris (day 6)

¶ 44 A.D. — marytrdom of James the Greater

¶ 64 A.D. — the Great Fire of Rome (day 8)

¶ 306 A.D. — death of the emperor Constantius I; dies imperii of Constantine I

¶ 325 A.D. — Council of Nicaea closes