In Explorator 15.18

As always, regular readers of rogueclassicism will have seen most of these; some of them I hope to get to in the coming days … (n.b. when the school year starts, this type of post will probably come on Sundays):

Roman finds from Devon:

More finds from Maryport:

The Time Team folks were very impressed with what they found at Branodunum:

A ‘full’ Roman amphora was ‘rediscovered’ in Velez-Malaga:

… and another one was found at Denia:

Very vague item on the find of remains of a Roman bridge at Sostra:

… and one on the discovery of a Thracian settlement’s remains near Tsarevo:

A Roman phylactery goes on display:

A Roman curse tablet from Kent was unrolled:

National Geographic has a feature on Roman Walls:

Interesting hype for an Athenian Pottery conference:

… and for an Ancient World in the Movies course:

Feature on Herod as president of the Olympics:

Interview with Graeme Bird on matters Homeric and jazzy:

Mary Beard on Roman ‘outsourcing’:


The Journal of Hellenic Studies made a bunch of Olympic-related articles available for free:

What we learn from Greek myths:

In case you miss the US-as-Rome things:

Gladiators are returning to Aspendos:

They’re building a major mosaic museum in Sanlurfa:

The Riace Bronzes are returning ‘home’ later this year:

Feature on the Diolkos:

Cockermouth Roman Settlement has received some funding:

Review of Anthony Everitt, *Rise of Rome*: