Nuntii Latini Graecique

Nuntii Latini

  • from YLE ~ September 14, 2012:

Lex de sulphure emittendo

Lex de emissionibus sulphuris in commeatu maritimo circumscribendis in parlamento Unionis Europaeae perlata est. Legati parlamentares sciverunt, ne copia sulphuris in materia combustibili adhibita decimam unius centesimae partem (0,1%) excederet.

Hoc directivum, quod inde ab anno bismillesimo quinto decimo (2015) valere incipiet, imprimis ad navigationem in Mari Baltico, in Mari Germanico, in Freto Gallico faciendam spectat.

… alia from September 14: Americani siccitate laborant … Duo diurnarii Sueti liberati … Reclamatio Cataloniensium … Memoria Iohannae ab Arcu …Scientia legendi et scribendi … Caput mundi artis designandi

… and Nuntii Graeci

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… usual intro about stuff we’ve already posted and hope to post:

Discovery in Germany of a Roman camp associated with Caesar’s legions:\

Feature on the Roman site of Baelo Claudia:\

A painted Roman tomb from Corinth:\

This summer’s gleanings from Caistor St Edmund:

Overviewish thing on things found during subway construction in

A Roman villa in Loftus is being excavated:\

Theory that the Romans had a settlement on Herne Bay (Kent):\

A Roman bath from Mersin:\

A Thracian lion head find:

A beam fell in the Villa of the Mysteries:\

Greece’s debt crisis appears to be affecting assorted monuments:\

Amazon beauty secrets:\

The Crosby Garrett helmet is going on display:

Pondering the Motya Charioteer:\

Feature on Hannibal:\

Nice feature on folks working on the Jersey coin hoard:

Santorini is rumbling again:\

More on that Roman shipwreck from Antibes:\

More on the UPenn/Turkey Troy gold thing:\

Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

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